Green Add-On’s. Why more green advice?

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Green Add-On’s. Why more green advice?

We do things everyday that fall into some sort of  “sustainable living” category and we probably don’t even think twice about it.  Lets just think of some examples:  We drive more fuel efficient cars but not because it’s green, but because it’s cheaper to sustain our daily commute.  We use CFC Free aerosol cans, not because we have a choice but because the companies products are bound by law to come that way.  We also take public transportation instead of driving.  Do we do it because it saves the environment or because we enjoy our free time to read or text friends instead of building up road rage.

All these things are great for whatever reason one might use them but, what other things can we do?  What tiny things can we make habit and not even realize we do it?  Take a re-useable water bottle and use that instead of buying cases of water.  Now think of the impact you just had.  If you drink an average of 1 water a day, you would save over a case full of plastic bottles and packaging. that would otherwise end up in the land fills.  You would save money on any state mandated redemption values you paid upon your purchase of the water.  Face it, when on the go we all put our empties in what’s available, there goes money right along with it.  Don’t use it, don’t pay it.  Sounds simple right?  One could go on but you get the idea.

There are many more tricks we can use, “life widgets”, if you will, and from there, the future is bright.  What do you do that you don’t realize?

LDS Green Living Team

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