What? The Holidays are Here?

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What? The Holidays are Here?

Wow, indeed they are.  It’s the end of the summer, back-to-school has begun, retailers make the slow  push to showcase this seasons hot items before anyone else, and well, I don’t even smell apple cider yet. All I can think about is how to keep cool on these 100+ degree days.     However, that doesn’t mean we can relax our efforts.

There’s no avoiding it, our days will probably get busier.  Those lazy crazy days of summer are over.  Now is the time to enjoy those gatherings with family and friends.  When I think of the holidays, I have memories of good times, hanging around great people, and enjoying all that this season offers.  But, one thing never seems to change and that’s the season of more garbage.

How many Halloween parties will your family go to this year?  What about any Thanksgiving events?  Christmas?  There has to be a few of those too.  Now that’s great, that’s exactly what we should be doing.  But did you ever think about the extra garbage that’s created?  All those paper/plastic cups used for the punch bowl at your child’s school,  Every paper plate wasted to hold just one holiday cookie, and oh, that napkin you took just because it was sitting there.  It ads up fast and before you know it, you have an extra garbage bag filled with  trash headed straight for the landfill.    How can we help do our part this year?  Make an effort to use bio-degradable cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, etc.  If that won’t work for you, find products made from recycled materials.    If all else fails, you can opt for using your own di


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shes(which is clearly the best option) and all you’d have to do is a quick cleaning. Just make sure you are using a non-toxic cleaner like ones found here on LDS Green Living.

One great tip you can put into practice right now, is to start saving used boxes and containers that you might be able to wrap gifts in.  It’s something my family has been doing for years.  For example, if someone buys a pair of shoes, where does that shoe box go?  Yep, straight to dad’s house so he can use it when wrapping presents for the grandkids.   No need to go out and buy more boxes just to box up another box right?  Wrap those presents in recycled paper products and you’ll have done a good deed toward our future.

The list goes on, ripe with ideas for holiday sustainability.  From saving money and the environment while heating your house to commuting in a one-horse open sleigh to work, well it would be fun wouldn’t it?   Guess you’ll have to keep a look out.  What is it that you and your family  do during the holidays to stay green?

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