Money in the Bag. But is it Bio-degradable?

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Money in the Bag. But is it Bio-degradable?

Many 0f us recycle cans, bottles and plastic containers and, typically we throw those items into garbage bags for easy hauling down to the recycle center.  It really is money in the bag when you think about it.  Of course the benefits are obvious and that’s why we do it.  But was that all?

As I was looking at my families stock pile of recyclables waiting for their next journey, it occurred to me that we weren’t using bio-degradable trash bags.  “Why not?”, I thought.  We’re already doing our part by bringing  this trash to be re-used.  Why not put into practice this small modification.  Even if the bags are a few cents more, is it really going to matter when you see the pile of crisp bills you get when you drop those bags off at the redemption center?  My guess is that it won’t make a significant dent to your financial well being but in turn will have a longer lasting impact, many-fold over, on god’s earth. Those plastic trash bags we use have to go somewhere so why not switch to bio-degradable for your everyday needs as well.

Give it a try and see if it changes your life for the worse.  I have my doubts it will.


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