Eco Friendly By Going Green

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Eco Friendly By Going Green

Going green helps the envionment by reducing the amount of waste we make every day. There are many ways to go green by including the entire family, neighbors and even coworkers. Go green in several different ways by:

  •  Reduce the number of plastic bottles your family purchase
  •  Reducing the amount of daily waste that your family may create by recycling plastic, paper, etc.
  •  Becoming an eco friendly family so everyone will work together and achieve the same goal
  • Reading an eco friendly family blog together and teach others about recycling
  • Becoming a sustainable family by growing your own fruits and vegetables in a home garden
  • Save trees by reusing paper in your printers, for writing notes or creating a shopping list
  • Purchase reusable shopping bags for your weekly shopping trips
  • Have recycling bins available to use and make it an everyday habit
  • Have your name removed from mailing lists to eliminate the amount of junk mail you receive
  • Creating time with your family while being conscience of our environment

These are just some of the ways that you can reduce, reuse and recycle each and every day in your own family.
Once you begin to go green you may even think of other ways to help the environment and save money too. Many people purchase items that can be reused many times such as cloth bags for shopping and plastic containers that can double as storage for other items. In the kitchen you can reuse glass jars to store spices or tea bags. Pack lunches in reusable containers and include a thermos with a favorite juice.
It’s never too late to start becoming an eco friendly family. Even the smallest thing can add up by being conscience of what you are buying, throwing away each day and recycling things around your home. Turn an old shower curtain into a dropcloth for painting. Create your own compost system for a home garden.
No matter what you can do to help keep our environment clean will aid in preserving it for everyone for many years to come.

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