Should I go BPA Free?

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Should I go BPA Free?

What is It?

BPA is the acronym for Bisphenol A which is used in creating polymers and its additives. BPA is also vital component in producing polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. These two are found in almost every container used at home. Polycarbonate plastic is used in making water bottles and baby

bottles. While, epoxy resins are used in making the cans used in canned goods and beverages. BPA is found in almost every bottle or can used by man.

Eeek the Obvious Bad News

The bad news is researches uncovered that BPA is actually harmful to people.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put this substance under their watch because of its perceived negative effects to human. BPA is linked to cancer and other medical conditions. BPA can cause changes in hormones, underdevelopment of the woman’s reproductive system, decrease in immunity, changes the fat tissues, produce cancer and toxins that poison the body. The evidence points to the fact that continuous exposure to BPA can slowly poison humans.

With the mounting concern of BPA on health, people need to take necessary measures to avoid the adverse effects of this substance. Unfortunately, the problem is more prevalent than it seems because it is widely used. For instance, a huge number of the water bottles are made from polycarbonate plastic known to contain BPA.

These gallons are used in making bottled waters that are delivered to the homes of millions of Americans everyday. The polycarbonate bottles are the standard water bottles. But you can opt to use BPA free water bottles. These are re-usable and refillable water bottle.

Other good BPA free bottle options are the stainless steel and aluminum water bottles. Are aluminum water bottles safe? Are stainless steel water bottles safe? Yes, these bottles are the safer alternatives. The steel and aluminum make the bottle very durable. They are practically indestructible.

Most importantly, these products are environment friendly too. Bottled water can lead to a huge amount of waste. In the US alone, around 30 million water bottles are thrown everyday. For every steel or aluminum bottle you use, you can save thousands of plastic bottles thrown in the landfill everyday. These bottles can save you money too since you can use these bottles for a long, long time.

Aluminum bottles are actually made from recycled aluminum material which helps the environment even further. They are lighter than plastics. Stainless steel and aluminum bottles are capable of insulating which helps to keep the water cold for a long time. Since they are light weight, kids can easily carry them when attending sports practices. When the family is having a picnic or a party outside the house, the stainless steel and aluminum bottles would come in handy.Their sleek, trendy designs are very attractive too.

When you use aluminum or stainless steel water bottle, you are helping the environment in your own little way. These bottles are very safe to use since they do not contain chemicals that can poison the body. The fact that they are eco-friendly makes them the best choices for you and your family.

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