Kill Germs This Season! Not Your Health.

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Kill Germs This Season! Not Your Health.

Yes unfortunately  it’s that time of year again. School’s started, temperatures are falling and germs are getting mobile. That means it’s easier to come in contact with those nasty little fella’s this time of year. Nobody’s safe. That’s why keeping your hands clean, and using human safe hand sanitizers in a pinch is the way to go.

It’s not going to be an end all but when you’re out and about, the quickest way to clean up your hands is of course, one of these popular hand products. The problem is, many of the options on the market are cheaply made, bad smelling and irritating to the skin. They can leave your hands dry and cracking and sometimes even feeling sticky and still dirty. Why not pamper your hands and use hand cleaners free of triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, and alcohol. It’s a natural choice for people who wish to use non-toxic products.  The only thing better is a bar of soap and some warm water.

For those occasions you cant get to soap, you can have your hand sanitizer ready to go.  Keep one in your car, purse, sports bag, office or wherever it is that’s easiest for you.

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