A Little Bit About Us

Over the years, society has become inundated with the buzz of “going green” from many outlets.  It’s hard sometimes not to get caught up in the minutia.  If we could just instill these core values in our families, friends and communities,  efforts would rise and results would be exponential.  Maybe we can inspire a “Social Media” effect?
Even though this web community is LDS family based, anyone and everyone from all walks of life are invited to enjoy, learn, educate and become involved in a green lifestyle.  The earth is not judgmental to good doers.

Through our journey we hope to hear some of your amazing stories, great tips or advice, your “Eureka” moments, and any other un-turned discoveries you and your family have experienced and are eager to tell.

We look forward to making a better environment for generations to come through the little things that make a big impact.